Saturday, January 12, 2008

Social Security Administration Self-Destructing as a Result of Poor Funding and Management

An article on FCW states what I've been saying now for, I suppose, years. The article highlights a statement from a GAO report that says (I'm paraphrasing a bit, despite the fact that I'm using quotes) "The increasing number of disability claims combined with social security administration employee losses and management problems have added to the severe disability backlog problem"

The statement from the general account office needs to be viewed by focusing sharply on two things:

A) Employee losses
B) Management weakness

The fact is, the social security administration is loosing too many employees and is not hiring replacements. Here's the rub to that situation. Even if the social security administration received funding authorization today to start hiring CRs (CR stands for claims reps: claims reps are the workers who take retirement claims and SSD claims and SSI claims for disability) to account for current and future, anticipated vacancies, it would still be too late to avert a disaster.

Why is this? Because it takes a minimum of three years for a newly hired claims rep to be fully trained and become a journeyman CR.

Of course, a very relevant question for the higher ups at the social security administration is this --- Who's going to train new employees when, at some point, so many workers with decades of experience have either retired or quit in frustration at how the agency is being run?

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