Monday, January 14, 2008

Disability Claims in Ohio

Here's a link to an article that focuses on eliminating the five month waiting period for the terminally ill.

For those who aren't aware, individuals who are approved for social security disability benefits are subject to having five months of their benefits confiscated (this does not happen for approved SSI disability claimants). This is conveniently known as the five month waiting period.

The irony about the waiting period, of course, is that it is based on the fact that private long term disability insurance policies have an elimination period, yet the social security administration does not offer LTD benefits to its own employees.

I ask you, then, how does it make sense to rob approved claimants of five months of their benefits under the assumption that they have LTD policies when the social security administration does not even offer LTD coverage to its own workforce. Just another example of the complete stupidity of some policies.

Here's an interesting factoid from the article: Disability claims in Ohio numbered 169,392 last year.

Here's the link to the article:

Disabled Americans die while awaiting their first benefit payment

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