Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Social Security Disability Applications - A Resource List

Very recently, I decided to look at prior posts I've written on the subject of filing disability applications with the social security administration. Even I was surprised at how many posts I've written for this topic. So, I've decided to group them all here on this page.

No doubt, many of these pages will sound fairly similar to one another. After all, filing for disability is...filing for disability. However, I am listing them all because there are probably unique kernels of information distributed throughout the various pages.

One of the points I think I've tried to make clear consistently in these pages is this: if you think you may be disabled (that is, you are having trouble sustaining employment or cannot sustain employment at all) don't think about filing for disability---actually do it. Because the lines for disability applications are getting increasingly longer. And the sooner you get your disability application "into the line" for processing, the better.

Other things to keep in mind, of course, are that if you plan to file, go ahead and start compiling a list of the jobs you've worked in the last 15 years and also a list of all the various places you've been seen for medical treatment. Why? Because this information will be required at the time of application and you can make the process much easier by doing this in advance and having it ready when your disability application interview is conducted.

Make these lists as detailed as possible. As far as your work history is concerned, write down all the names of your past jobs, where the job was performed, your job duties, and the dates of employment. Regarding your medical history, write down the names of each medical facility you've been treated at and the names of the doctors from whom you've received treatment. Also, include dates of treatment, diagnoses received, and the locations of each treatment facility, whether it is a clinic or hospital (doing this will make it much easier for the disability claim examiner to get your records).

The work information you provide will be used to classify your past work experience which may determine whether or not your disability claim will be approved (part of the social security disability evaluation process is to determine whether or not you are capable of performing work you have done in the past).

The medical history information you provide will allow the disability claim examiner who is assigned to your case to gather all your medical records and evaluate them for the purpose of rendering a decision on your case.

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