Friday, December 14, 2007

Long Term Disability Insurance, Claims, and Attorneys

How much will a long term disability insurance claim pay? Long term disability plans are not exactly standardized and, for this reason, there is a fair amount of variance between different plans in terms of the benefit payout. Some long term disability plans pay sixty percent of a workers salary and some will even pay as little as fifty percent of an injured or sick worker's base salary. However, it is fairly typical for a long term disability insurance plan to pay two thirds or 66 percent of a person gross salary.

Why should you get long term disability insurance? Long term disability insurance can provide you or your family a needed source of income if you become unable to work as a result of an accident or illness. Without a backup income source during such a crisis, an individual, and potentially a family, may suddenly find their credit profile and their home at substantial risk. In fact, it has been estimated that eighty percent of homeowners do not have any means by which to pay their mortgage installments during a period of disability.

Should you get a long term disability attorney before your claim is denied? It may be to your benefit to speak with a long term disability attorney before your Ltd claim is denied, simply to gain a better understanding of how the long term disability process works with your particular insurer. Long term disability policies tend to share a fair amount of commonality. However, there are aspects of your policy with which you should be familiar, before you find out you are in the category of disability denied. When speaking with a long term disability attorney, you may wish to take a copy of your policy so it can be reviewed to determine the requirements that must be met for a long term disability claim to be paid under the plan.

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