Thursday, December 20, 2007

Disability Decisions in Ohio

Here's a short post about the implementation of quick disability decisions in the state of Ohio. For those who are unaware, quick disability decisions (QDD, for short) are part of an improvement plan for the handling of social security disability and SSI cases (known as DSI, or disability service improvement). That initiative was scrapped. However, the QDD concept was retained and extended to all fifty states.

As the article states, QDD doesn't really make much of a dent in the social security disability process. For example, in New England, where the program was initially tested, only about three percent of all disability applications were successfully screened and included as quick decision cases. Just the same, however, I'm sure that the individuals to whom those cases belonged were glad to have their cases expedited.

In Ohio, the social security administration receives over 117,000 applications for disability each year. Whether or not, the quick disability decision program will be more effective there than in the New England region remains to be seen. However, statistics should be available not too far off from now. QDD is now active at the state disability processing agency in Ohio. Known as DDS or disability determination services, this is the agency that renders decisions on claims for the social security administration.

For additional information on disability claims in Ohio: Social Security Disability SSI in Ohio.

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