Saturday, December 08, 2007

Candadian Disability Statistics

Although I blog about a variety of different topics (news, current events, and weekly gripes), for the most part this blog is focused on the U.S. disability system. After all, I am a former disability claims examiner who worked on social security disability claims and SSI claims.

Every now and then, though, I come across disability news concerning other countries. Today, I read an article focusing on Canada with interesting statistics.

1. Nineteen percent of Canadians reported having a severe disability.

2. A little over sixteen percent of Canadians reported having a very severe disability.

3. Men in Canada were more likely to state that they had some level of disability than women (fifteen percent of men versus thirteen percent of women -- I am rounding off, I should say).

4. Forty-three percent of individuals in Canada age 65 and older reported having a disability, while only 11.5 percent of individuals between the ages of fifteen and sixty-four reported the same.

5 Five percent of the Canadian population reported having a hearing disability.

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