Friday, December 07, 2007

Applied for Social Security Disability With Blocked Arteries

I came across a forum post and the initial poster had indicated that he has filed for social security disability and has coronary artery disease (ischemic heart disease) with two arteries blocked and a third nearly fully blocked. His case was apparently denied at the initial claim level and also at the reconsideration (first appeal) level and he appears to be waiting on a disability hearing date.

When I began as a disability examiner, I remember being a little shocked at how the social security administration views cases involving heart disease and the incidence of heart attack. Most of my fellow examiners seemed to be of the opinion that a claimant with a heart condition had to be practically dead before they could qualify for disability on the basis of a listing (in the impairment listing manual) or on the basis of a medical vocational allowance (in which the determination is made that a claimant cannot return to their past work or perform any other type of work).

Fortunately, however, these types of denials tend to occur mainly at the disability application and reconsideration levels. At the hearing level where an attorney can actually present a successful argument for an approval, the denial rates are lower. In fact, claimants with representation actually win their cases more than sixty percent of the time.

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