Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Two Great Websites: An Excellent Diabetes Blog and a Disability Blog

Lately, I've found myself reading two blogs that may be of interest to individuals with type II diabetes and individuals who are simply interested in medical and disability issues.

Disability Happens is a blog authored by Richard Brassaw and I have to say I find it very impressive. There aren't too many bloggers out there who consistently produce good content and of the ones that do, there are even fewer that produce such content at a steady rate. What does Mr. Brassaw's blog focus on? Quite a bit. Recent posts have borne titles such as the following: The brain’s natural ‘bliss drug’ fights depression; PTSD may be helped by ‘memory’ enzyme, and Chronic disease linked to food preparation. I would certainly recommend "Disability Happens" for placement on anyone's blogroll, simply to keep up with various medical news.

The first blog I mentioned is authored by a woman named Jenny (sorry, I don't know her last name). Diabetes Update is, in my opinion, an invaluable resource for individuals, both type I diabetics and type II diabetics, who are struggling to manage their blood glucose levels. Jenny
also authors another site called "What they don't tell you about Diabetes", which is wonderful in the sense that it is chock-full of information and pulls no punches when it comes to informing the newly diagnosed about how precarious their position may be and what type of approach should be taken (in terms of riding "close herd" on their medication and diet).

Her second site may be found at

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