Saturday, October 06, 2007

AARP finally begins to weigh in on the Social Security Disability Crisis

I've blogged many many pages about the problems that exist in the social security disability and SSI disability system. And that, of course, includes writing about disability backlogs, inadequate funding for the social security administration, and the very dire manpower situation that exists within SSA.

Regarding the manpower situation, I should say that I am in a unique position as compared to other individuals who write about the disability system. I am a former disability examiner, meaning that I used to work on disability claims (gathering medical evidence, reviewing evidence, and, in consultation with medical and psychological experts, rendering decisions on disability claims). My wife is also a former examiner. However, she is also a current field office claims rep. And that gives me a closer, and more personal, look into the world of social security offices and the staffing problems they have.

As such, I've written many times about A. how understaffed social security offices are, B. how overworked social security employees are, C. the number of individuals who are, and will be, eligible to retire, and D. how the social security administration is in the middle of a human resource meltdown, in addition to all of its other problems.

I've often thought that putting the social security disability (and SSI) jalopy on the road to improvement would not happen until the third rail itself was seen to be in danger. That third rail is social security retirement and it includes the processing and maintenance of social security retirement claims, which, at some point, cannot be totally unaffected by a withering SSA workforce.

Recently, AARP has begun to focus on the quagmire that is social security field operations as the following article demonstrates. Hopefully, this actually means something.

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