Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A True Story of the "Undead" or "Hold the autopsy please"

No doubt, when it comes to tossing out "you think that's bad, you won't believe what happened to me" stories at get-togethers over the next few decades, Carlos Camejo will have one story that trumps all others by a mile.

The man was involved in a highway motor accident, pronounced dead, and taken to the morgue. Only thing was, he wasn't dead. Unfortunatley, for him and the wits of the coroners (and perhaps the legal budget of the department employing these medical examiners), his "undeadness" was not discovered until an autopsy had been started. Ouch!

Here's the link to this story: He's alive, he's alive

Also in the news today is a story about the Boeing Aerospace company's newest airliner, the 787. Vince Weldon, a veteran aerospace engineer for nearly five full decades was fired last year by the company and is now publicly voicing his concerns that the new jet is unsafe. Weldon contends that the non-metal composite material used for the construction of the plane would not hold up in a crash (by not hold up, he means it would shatter and burn) and would make surviving a crash in the vehicle much less likely. The Boeing company is painting Mr. Weldon as a kook who was let go for making threats against an executive.

Threats against an executive. Sounds like typical corporate subterfuge here. To read what Weldon says would happen in a crash, read the story at the end of this link --

Would you prefer metal or plastic?

As for me, I would probably avoid flying on this particular model until the safety issues are resolved. Which doesn't, of course, complicate my life at all. Though I used to find flying enjoyable, now I just it find plain annoying. And it isn't because of increased security or flight delays (luckily, I haven't had to deal with one of those situations yet). Mainly, its because so many carriers now seem to find it convenient to put you on transports that are, increasingly, smaller and smaller (i.e. less comfortable).

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