Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Social Security Disability Taxes and Garnishment

Here's a link to a post on a forum and the subject is social security disability income, garnishment, and taxes. The thread starts off with someone asking the question (I'm paraphrasing) "If I owe the IRS back taxes, can they take any of my disability back pay to recover this money?"

Different opinions are given in the forum thread as to whether or not social security or social security disability money can be attached for such purposes, and one individual even cites the fact that this type of entitlement money is exempt from garnishment and assignment. the end of this thread, one of the forum posters cites my own website, Disability

Quite a while back, I addressed this issue and stated that, ordinarily, social security retirement and social security disability benefits are strictly hands-off for creditors and organizations seeking to recover. That is, except when the federal government is the organization that is owed (back taxes, student loans) or when there are arrears in child support that are outstanding.

Here's the link to the forum thread: Social Security Disability and Taxes

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