Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Social Security Disability Charlotte NC

According to the article linked below, the hearing office in Charlotte, North Carolina is one of the worst in the nation when it comes to waiting to have a social security disability hearing scheduled. If the numbers cited are correct, the Charlotte hearing office ranks 125th out of 141 offices nationwide. Also, according to the article, the Charlotte hearings office is below par when it comes to support staffing levels.

However, I have to say that this reads more like an opinion piece than an article and I'll use the following statement as an example of why I think this may be the case: There's apparently no oversight of judges' work. Disability judges face no annual performance reviews and can be removed only for misconduct or corruption.

These statements point out the relative ignorance of the writer.

1. Administrative law judges who adjudicate social security disability claims and SSI disability claims are supposed to be impartial adjudicators. And to be impartial, they , like all judges, need a substantial amount of independence, particulary when, in this case, they work for a governmental body that whose policy aims can potentially shift radically every four years.

2. How exactly would you conduct "performance reviews"? By the number of disability cases heard? By the number of approvals or denials granted? This is an idiotic suggestion, at best.

3. Disability Judges who work in the social security disability and SSI system do have oversight in the form of the disability appeal system. Currently, the two levels of appeal that follow the disability hearing level are A. the appeals council and B. Federal District court.

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