Saturday, September 08, 2007

How to Qualify for Disability - social security disability or SSI

No one has ever accused the social security administration of devising a disability evaluation system that is A. simple to understand, B. accurate, and C. speedy in its disability decision making.

The simple truth is that it is none of those things. Claimants are not properly advised by the social security administration as to many fundamental issues regarding how to qualify for disability.

For instance, while claimants are asked to provide a history of their medical treatment when they apply for disability, they are not told the importance of obtaining statements fromt their treating physician(s) nor the importance of supplying A. medical evidence that is recent and B. medical evidence that documents when a claimant's disability began.

If a claimant cannot present recent evidence, it will, in most cases, be very difficult to be approved for disability benefits. And if a claimant cannot present older records that document when their disabling condition, or conditions, began, it will be difficult to prove the most favorable onset date. And establishing the earlierst possible onset date, of course, has everything to do with how much back pay a person may receive when they are awarded disability benefits.

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