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Ephysema Social Security Disability SSI - Applying for Disability

The following pages provide some information about filing for social security disability or SSI benefits and may answer some questions you may have about the disability evaluation process used by SSA.

1. Disability Advice - never trust the Social Security Office
2. Using a disability advocate or attorney to help with medical records
3. Not able to afford a disability attorney? Incorrect
4. Your age and being approved for disability
5. Social Security Disability and the Administrative Law judge
6. Can you appeal a denial on social security disability or SSI?

What follows is basic information on Emphysema:

Emphysema is considered an incurable chronic obstructive lung disease, generally the result of toxic environmental factors and tobacco use. Emphysema destroys the elasticity of the lung and the capillaries that nourish the alveoli; consequently emphysema destroys the lungs ability to oxygenate the blood. Additionally, lack of oxygen and medications used to treat emphysema sometimes cause damage to body organs including kidneys and the heart.

How is emphysema diagnosed? Physicians diagnose emphysema with a wide range of testing that include spirometry testing, chest x rays, ct scans.

What are the some of the treatment options for individuals who have been diagnosed with emphysema? Most individuals with emphysema are treated with medications and inhalers, although some individuals require supplemental oxygen.

Until recently, there was only one surgical treatment method for emphysema, and it is called lung volume reduction surgery. Lung volume reduction surgery may improve an individual’s quality of life, however only very carefully selected patients are able to have the procedure.

In 2006, a new surgical procedure was used to treat emphysema, which involved the implantation of small valves in the lung passages that led to diseased portions of the lungs. These small valves seem to improve lung capacity, however a small percentage of the individuals who received the new surgery suffered partially collapsed lungs as a result of the surgery.

Emphysema is a permanent degenerative lung condition that is not curable without a complete lung transplant (which involves risks such as infection and rejection of the transplant), and most emphysema suffers are not able to physically withstand the transplant surgery and recovery. Consequently, most emphysema suffers must use more conservative methods to improve their quality of life.

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