Friday, August 10, 2007

Social Security Disability - Milwaukee Wisconsin Statistics

These statistics are originally from the Milwaukee Sentinel (I lived in Milwaukee back in the late 80's, the only place I've ever lived where I found it quite necessary to wear earmuffs in winter).

1. The disability hearing backlog in Milwaukee is substantial to say the least. It numbers 10,956 individuals who are waiting for a hearing. This is a nearly 20 percent increase since late 2005.

2. Nationally, according to the article, it takes an average of 528 days to get scheduled for a social security disability hearing. However, in Milwaukee, the wait is longer and stands at 651 days (and as bad as that is, there places in the country where the wait is even longer).

Other interesting information from the article:

1. According to the Chairman of the SSAB (social security advisory board), social security administration budget requests over the past 7 years have been reduced by five billion dollars (not too hard to figure out why employee attrition is not being replaced, or why the system continually gets slower and slower year after year).

2. The backlog of disability hearings in Milwaukee would require each of the twelve administrative law judges based in Milwaukee to hold about 913 hearings. The article did not give stats on how many hearings those ALJs in Milwaukee currently hold, but, nationwide, an ALJ holds, on average, about 500 hearings. From this we can infer that the backlog situation in Milwaukee will only grow worse, as seems to be the case for most large metro areas.

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