Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Social Security Disability Benefits - system statistics

In a preceding post, I mentioned the case of an individual who, amazingly, was denied social security disability after A. being diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and B. suffering a debilitating stroke during a subsequent operation.

The article that discussed this terrible situation mentioned a number of statistics that are worth repeating. And, in fact, many of these statistics have been discussed here in prior posts.

1. Two and a half million people in the U.S. file for social security disability or SSI each year. In that great disability application pool, almost two of three applicants can expect to have their claim denied. Of those who get denied and decide to appeal, about 85 percent will be denied again. And for those who appeal yet again, this time requesting a disability hearing, they will join a huge backlog of nearly three quarters of a million pending cases.

2. Waits for social security disability hearings can actually be a matter of years. In the Atlanta area, for example, the wait for a disability hearing can be as long as two and a half years.

3. Long waits for disability benefits can result, in some instances, in bankruptcy, foreclosure, and, not surprisingly, depression. Sadly, some individuals even die while they wait for their disability benefits to be approved (I have been involved in several cases during the past five years where this has happened).

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