Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Not able to afford a disability attorney? Absolutely Incorrect

An article titled "Social Security backlog hits home" (appearing on a publication called suffolk Life) nearly made me ill. Not the article itself, mind you. But the fact that the person discussed in the article did not have representation at his social security disability hearing because he didn't think he could afford a disability attorney.

Sometimes, I feel as though I'm being redundant when I address certain topics repetitively. But when I come across stories like this, I see the need for repeating certain types of information.

Ok. How much does it cost to get a disability lawyer for a social security disability or SSI disability claim.

Answer: Disability attorneys are paid 1/4 of whatever back pay the social security administration owes you. This means several things.

1. It costs nothing upfront whatsoever to get a disability attorney.

2. You only pay the attorney if the attorney wins your case for you.

3. Since the social security administration will withhold the attorney's fee, you won't have to worry about directly taking care of the fee for representation. It will be paid by SSA out of your back payment money.

Essentially, this means anyone can have an attorney for a disability claim. And having one is particularly important at a hearing. I have to admit, I cringed when I read that this individual was operating under the false assumption that they couldn't afford representation. It's a proven fact that having representation can increase the odds of winning disability at a hearing by as much as fifty percent.

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