Friday, August 17, 2007

New Rules to Speed Up Disability Claims

According to a recent article, the Commissioner of the Social Security Administration, Michael Astrue, intends to extend the QDD process to all fifty states. For those that aren't aware, QDD stands for "quick disability decision" and QDD units within state disability agencies (DDS, also known as disability determination services) have the mission of identifying, through the use of a predictive model, disability claims that should be moved along faster in the system.

In other words, the purpose of QDD is to speed up disability claims, at least those for which the eventual outcome is likely to be an approval.

Does QDD work? According to the social security administration, so far, of those cases that have been identified as QDD, ninety-seven percent have been decided within 21 days. In fact, the average decision time is reported to be eleven days.

Unfortunately, though, as impressive as these numbers may sound, the percentage of cases actually selected for QDD, or quick decision processing, has been very very low.

The reality of course, for the quick disability decision concept may turn out to be that it can never be expanded beyond a few small percentage points of all the Social security disability claims and SSI claims that are pending at any given moment. And for this reason: if all claims have priority, then none will.

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