Monday, August 06, 2007

Indiana Social Security Disability and backlogs

This comes from the Indy star, an online publication billing itself as the number one local media site in Indiana. Indiana has the seventh worst backlog of social security disability and SSI disability cases in the nation.

The statistics from the article I read are not easy to interpret, mainly because most print journalists would simply be unable to discern the difference between an initial claim (disability application) backlog and a disability hearing backlog.

Backlogs are attributable to insufficient staffing within the social security administration and this includes staffing in all the social security administration field offices as well as staffing within the hearing offices (known as ODAR, office of disability adjudication and review). But backlogs in Indiana are particularly not a good thing, considering the fact that Indiana is one of the most populous states in the union.

The article states that twenty-four thousand people in Indiana are currently waiting on decisions regarding disability claims they have filed.

How many people get denied for disability in Indiana? According to federal statistics published three years ago, nearly 68 percent of all individuals who file for disability in Indiana get denied for disability. That means you actually have less than a third of a chance of being approved for SSD or SSI in Indiana at the application level.

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