Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Applying for Social Security Disability Easier online

I came across an article titled "Applying for Disability made easier online". Is that true? Yes, it can definitely can be. For title II benefits, a.k.a. social security disability benefits, a claimant can file an application using the social security administration website. This will include completing both the disability application and the disability report form, which is form SSA-3368.

However, a couple of things should be said about utilizing this option.

1. Filing for social security disability online will likely not eliminate the need to speak with a claims rep. Some individuals make the assumption that filing online will completely eliminate the need for this; however, invariably, there will be some aspect of a claimant's application (work history, third party contact information, medical sources, etc) that will need clarification and, thus, a claimant will need to speak with a social security claims rep.

For this reason, the argument can be made that you may as well apply in person at a social security office where you can directly and face to face ensure that your application information is provided correctly.

2. Though you can apply for social security disability online, you cannot do this for SSI disability. The SSA website will only allow you to provide a "contact lead" for SSI, meaning that A. it is not an application for disability and B. it does not offer you any benefit of protective filing (i.e. protecting your application filing date) since you are not, in fact, filing an application for SSI. For SSI, a potential disability claimant really should contact the social security administration to set up an in-office interview date.

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