Friday, July 13, 2007

Social Security, Disability, SSA, and furloughs

A few months back, the then-commissioner of the social security administration, Joanne Barnhart, indicated the possibility of furloughing social security administration employees for several days due to budgetary concerns. When this occurred, a fair amount of commentary resulted, some of it scoffing at the mere idea that SSA could conceivably do such a thing. Impossible. Unlikely.

Well, it may be unlikely for the present. But it's not impossible. In the state of Pennsylvania, state workers were furloughed over a budget impasse. According to the governor's office, pennsylvania state employees lost three and a half million dollars in wages.

Will SSA ever furlough its workers? Not likely, of course. Social security retirement has been referred to as the third rail of politics and I doubt any Senator or Congressman wants to deal too heavily with any situation that angers the growing segment of the population that could be labeled "senior".

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