Friday, July 20, 2007

Not everyone who files for disability will need a lawyer

As the webpage linked below indicates (just a short "letter to the editor" detailing one person's account of being approved for disability), not everyone who files for disability will need a lawyer. This one particular individual was fairly lucky and her case certainly falls into the minority.

As she describes her situation, she applied for disability benefits (social security disability or SSI) and was approved within three months at the initial claim level.

This actually happens for roughly 30 percent of all individuals filing for disability. And for applicants lucky enough to fall into this percentage, the disability evaluation process is easier, by many orders of magnitude, than it is for others. Because the flip side of the coin is that 70 percent of all applicants will not be approved for disability on their initial claim and will, instead, be forced to go through the disability appeals process. And this process, unfortunately, can go on for many months, resulting in financial devastation for most disability benefit applicants.

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