Monday, July 09, 2007

Legislation to simplify veterans benefits introduced

There's currently a bill in Congress, the proclaimed intent of which is to streamline the process in which disabled war vets may be awarded disability benefits from the social security administration.

As one spokesperson for a prominent congressman stated (paraphrased), if the veterans administration finds you 100% disabled, the social security administration needs to agree with that and speed up the process on their end.

The only thing is, the social security administration uses a very specific definition of disability that is not used by any government agency or NGO, aside from SSA itself.

And there is also the fact that there are already hundreds of thousands of disability claims backlogged in the social security disability system, and, correspondingly, hundreds of thousands of individuals and families who are desperately waiting on cases to be adjudicated while, at the same time, many of them are being forced into foreclosure and bankruptcy.

It's a pity that your average politician does not find any expediency in championing these individual's cases as well.

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