Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fake water?

According to the linked Associated Press article below, half of the water coolers in Beijing may be serving up fake branded water. Counterfeit water? That's a new one. However, is it really surprising when the story emanates from China, the same country that has been connected to the following stories: tainted pet food, bad toothpaste, suspicious seafood, etc?

This reminds me of a recent story I read concerning the Chrysler group partnering up with a chinese auto manufacturer for the purpose of bringing cheap (cheaply priced, cheaply made) autos into the U.S. to be sold under a Chrysler badge. I really can't think of anything stupider for the Chrysler group to do. Yes, chinese imports sold under a chrysler or dodge name may fool some people into buying them, due to the deceptive naming and the very low price (these autos are being targeted for a price point of about eight thousand). But it will be a different ball game when the safety issues begin to surface. Over and over, its been clearly demonstrated that consumer safety and protection is not that big a concern for the PRC.

Fake water

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