Friday, June 01, 2007

What if you do not have enough work credits to be covered for Social Security disability?

If you do not have enough work credits to be insured for Social Security disability, you may qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). SSI is a disability program that is based on need rather than insured status. The disability application process is the same for both Social Security disability and Supplemental Security Income, except that SSI benefit entitlement is based upon your income and resource levels (Assets, and not just assets, but rather countable assets, which are capped at $2,000).

The examination of income and assets-resources fall under the heading of non-medical disability criteria. And, regarding non medical criteria, there have been instances in which SSI disability claims were allowed medically, but the individuals were denied SSI benefits due to their income and/or resources.

If you need further information about current income or resource limits for the SSI disability program, you should contact the Social Security Administration. Also, if you intend to file for SSI, do not assume that your current assets may keep you from being eligible. As I stated, certain assets are countable and others are not (for instance, your primary vehicle and residence would not be).

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