Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The problem with pinhead managers

This news story linked below is a perfect example of one of the things wrong with this country. As the story relates, Colin Bruley, a leasing agent at an apartment complex, went to the aid of a woman who screamed that she had been shot. As many individuals might also have done, Mr. Bruley, not knowing what dangers to expect himself, took a weapon, a shotgun, with him. Upon finding the gunshot victim, he tied a tourniquet around her leg and waited with her for the police and paramedics to arrive.

Mr. Bruley's actions were, without a doubt, the actions of a brave man. Very few individuals, in fact, would find it within themselves to run to the aid of a stranger knowing that further gunplay might be involved.

His employer didn't see it that way, though. For daring to carry a firearm for protection, he was summarily fired.

I've always been a fan of the Dilbert strip because, through intuition and personal experience, I've always believed that 99 percent of management types are utter dimwits, not fit to ascend the evolutionary ladder (at earlier points in my life, I've worked for several such "throwbacks"). This story, of course, only confirms my belief that most managers are, through and through, pinhead idiots.

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