Sunday, June 10, 2007

Is a disability hearing your best chance of being approved?

Nationally, about three out of ten applicants for social security disability or SSI disability benefits get approved at the initial claim level.

For those who are not, however, the road ahead may diverge along several different paths. A person can give up on their case, file a brand new social security disability application or SSI application, or follow the appeal route.

Giving up is a bad idea and, in most cases, starting over with a new application is tantamount to throwing away all the time you've already invested in pursuing a disability claim. For the vast majority of applicants, filing an appeal is the better choice by far.

The first appeal is called a review in some states and a reconsideration in most states, and at this level of the process most claims will also be denied. However, at the appeal level following this (a disability hearing that you or your attorney may request), about one out of two disability cases are approved.

So, the answer to the question is simply this: if you are not one of the lucky thirty percent who approved for disability on a disability application, then your best chance of being approved will be at a disability hearing.

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