Thursday, May 17, 2007

Will you be denied for social security disability the first time you apply ?

If you look through forums where social security disability and SSI are frequently discussed by claimants and potential applicants, you'll notice the prevailing wisdom is that all claims are denied on the first application. In fact, you don't have to visit forums to hear this. I've personally heard this for years: from disability claimants who have been advised by others (who themselves have gone through the process) that "disability denies everyone the first time they apply for benefits".

Is this true? Actually, its true enough to get this prevailing train of thought started. Roughly about seventy percent of all new SSD and SSI applications are denied. This varies from state to state, but on a national level this has been the trend.

Of course, this also means that 30 percent of applicants get approved after they file for disability. To say that those individuals are lucky is an understatement. Because an applicant who does not get approved on a disability application will be forced to file appeals and will likely have to get to a hearing in order to be approved. And getting to a disability hearing can take quite a long time.

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