Sunday, May 20, 2007

Will I lose my social security disability or SSI benefits when my case is reviewed ?

It's commonly accepted by people who work in the disability system that most social security disability and SSI claims are not ceased or discontinued when they come up for review at a CDR (continuing disability review). And, in fact, when I was a disability examiner, you would hear this complaint from examiners who handled reconsiderations and CDRs (this awful attitude, of course, points to a "culture of denial" that exists among examiners).

However, just to get an updated and alternate viewpoint, I spoke to a field office claims rep and asked the question: How many people have their disability benefits stopped when a review of their case is done?. Answer: according to this person, less than ten percent of disability benefit recipients have their benefits stopped, or ceased. In fact, according to this CR (field office claims rep), it happens so infrequently that claims reps often have to "get out the instructions" as to how to do it. That's certainly good news for people who may be worried that their disability benefits could be stopped when their case is reviewed.

Why is this, though? Because to be taken off benefit receipt (and this applies to social security disability and SSI), your medical records have to show that medical improvement has taken place. And, most of the time, the records do not indicate this at all.

Now, for information regarding children and the stopping of disability benefits, read the next post.

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