Thursday, May 03, 2007

News and Statistics

"Wi-Fi, or wireless broadband networks, seem to be the worst thing," she says

This is an interesting story of a woman who seems to be affected by devices that transmit radiation (signals) or generate an electrical field.

Some might be inclined to laugh at such stories. But consider this. The human species developed over a long period of time (though an eyeblink in geological and stellar time) and the modern era only takes up a paragraph in the book of our development. In other words, being constantly bathed from head to toe in radio, tv, and mico waves is a new thing. A real new thing. And evolution doesn't quite work fast enough to immediately help us against new variables in our environment. Ten thousand years from now? Heck. Humans might be able to walk on the sun by then. But in the here and now you have to wonder how all this radiation is affecting us.

Reminds me of Johnny Neumonic by William Gibson. People around the world are suffering from seizures and motor control problems. The condition is called NAS, nerve attentuation syndrome. The cause? Technology and the radiation it emits.

Disability Statistics

This article, which may be a reprint, has some interesting statistics.

1. Forty million Americans have functional limitations.

2. “The number of Americans who have disabilities will grow significantly in the next 30 years as the baby boom generation enters late life.

What's more interesting about the report referenced in this article, though, is the call being made to Congress and the federal government to A. look ahead to future population and disability demographics and B. make responsible plans according.

It's right to call for this action, particularly when we have a federal government that can't seem to get the important stuff done.

But if the federal approach to "fixing the social security disability system" is indicative of anything, its that we shouldn't hold our breath waiting for responsible and constructive action.


Ford Motor's sales are down 13 percent. Here's the amazing part. Everyone's gut reaction is to say that Ford is bogged down by gas hogs. But--- "sales of the large Expedition and Navigator SUVs were up 27 percent and 13 percent respectively, Ford said."

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