Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Flippers, nuclear power, and the GOP

Flippers Flop As Housing Market Cools

Is the housing bubble about to bust? Or is it busting already? Well, not in my neck of the woods, which is North Carolina.

However, in other parts of the country that seems to be happening to some extent. Actually, an adjustment to the real estate market is probably long overdue considering the number of homes in certain parts of the country that are valued at 400,000 plus while only being 1200 square feet with sagging floors, rotting wood, and peeling paint (I'm referring to california and the pacific northwest---and some of these hideously expensive houses really do look like little shacks)

Nuclear power will save the world, UN scientists claim

Years ago, I told a lawyer friend of mine that we (the U.S.) were effectively screwing ourselves by not building nuclear power plants. My friend is extremely green, so he replied "We can't do that. The environmental risk is too great." My response was "How much damage do we do to the oceans and our shorelines everytime we have a major spill or shipping accident? And how much damage do we do to the environment with our ridiculously high usage of fossil fuels and the emissions they pump into the atmosphere?."

My friend didn't want to get over his hatred of nuclear power. He'd simply been hating it too long. But the truth is, oil is the thing that's killing this country, especially foreign oil. Because we depend on foreign oil so much, we are drawn deeper and deeper into the affairs of a part of the world that, more or less, hates us. And essentially our economy is held hostage to the price of oil.

When the price of a barrel goes up, that doesn't just affect gas at the pump. It affects everything we buy. Most of the freight in this country moves by truck and when fuel costs rise, truckers pass that cost on.

Simply put, to assist the environment and free our economy from the kooks, we need nuclear.

Gop Waning?

This is a fairly interesting piece by William F. Buckley and the timing coincides with the current coverage of former CIA DCI Tenet in the news. Buckley makes a number of valid points and, in one sense, points the finger at the current VP. The upcoming Presidential election, no doubt, should be interesting. Actually, I meant to say that the aftermath of the election should be interesting because then we'll be able to measure how much one party has weathered its problems or suffered lasting damage. What makes this election particularly interesting from my point of view, aside from all the obvious issues, many of them divisive in different ways, is that the field of candidates on both sides of the political spectrum looks so...blah. Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Mitt Romney. No participant in the parade of buffoons seems particularly worthy of the highest office in the land.

Well, I guess we have to work with what we've got.

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