Monday, May 21, 2007

Denied on the First Social Security Disability Appeal

I just happened to come across a page at one of those "question-answer" sites that seem to be popping up lately (I believe this was the one operated by Yahoo). And the question was I was denied on my first appeal for social security disability, what do I do?

The question itself is very reasonable. However, the answers that were being tossed out by the participants do I put this---very bad.

Ok, let me address the question by pointing out WHAT NOT TO DO if you get denied on your first disability appeal (which is called a reconsideration in most parts of the country, by the way, and is called a review in just a few states).

1. Don't call your congressman (a congressman may help to expedite a hearing request if dire financial need exists, but will not be able to help with an actual decision).

2. Dont' call your senator (same answer as above).

3. Don't start over with a brand new application (you essentially give up the right to file additional appeals when you do this).

4. Don't give up on your claim (again, you need to follow the appeals system offered by the disability process).

So, what should you do if your first disability appeal is denied? File the next disability appeal, because that is the one that will eventually get your case heard by an administrative law judge at a disability hearing, where, statistically, you will have much better chance of winning benefits.

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