Monday, April 16, 2007

Win Loss stats at various levels

Here's a link to a chart graphic on attorney Charles Hall's blog that is fairly interesting and which also substantiates the numbers routinely tossed out by many reps.

Titled "Disability Determinations and Appeals Fiscal Year 2006", this is what it has to say:

At the initial claim level, claimants have a 35% chance of being approved and a 65% chance of being denied. At the first appeal level, they have an 87% percent chance of being denied and only a 13% chance of being awarded benefits. At the hearing level, 62% of cases are allowed.

Now, here's a statistic for individuals who worry about the odds of being taken off benefits. 95% of those who have their claims reviewed (at a CDR, or continuing disability review) have their benefits continued. Only 5% are taken off benefit receipt.

Win Loss stats at various levels

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