Thursday, April 05, 2007

The third such list

Here's another list of links, urls, what have you that lead to pages on this blog. If you're wondering why it is I am compiling these lists, believe me, there is a reason. At some point, I plan to have many lists and then I plan to tie them all together so that all the many pages of this blog, some written long ago, can actually be found "within two jumps" from the home page. That would just make it easier, of course, for the casual user and for me. What is interesting over and over to me as I do this, though, is the fact that, as I go over these pages, I am a little surprised as to how much I have actually written in the last year and a half. And there are quite a few pages that I've completely forgotten about.

One page that's personally interesting to me (not disability related) is the page on the passing of the actor, Paul Gleason. Gleason was somewhat iconic in his role as the saturday detention teacher in the movie, The Breakfast Club, a movie that, around 1984 (I think I have the year right), seemed somewhat profound to people in their late teens and early twenties.

Anyway, here's the third list. And I should have a disability post following shortly.

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