Friday, April 13, 2007

Net Heads

I was going to put up some additional news links, something I've been doing as I post lists of prior posts. Going over the news in brief actually lessens the tedium of making lists, even if those lists will become very helpful later on. But...I have to say that referring to the news today is a little difficult since nearly every story out there seems to be about Don Imus. And, quite frankly, I just don't find the story that interesting (I also never found his show interesting: the cowboy hat seemed odd and, as others have noted, he seemed to mumble a lot). In fact, I "don't find the story interesting" much in the same way that I was repulsed by the 24/7 coverage devoted to the death of Anna Nicole, which made me wonder, quite frankly, why Court TV is even included in my cable lineup.

However, here's a story that's a bit interesting. At least to me.

Net reaches out to final frontier

In the last year, I've come across a couple of articles that actually speculated on the demise of the net. One in particular talked about the increasing load on routers and the Internet "backbone". Well, according to the story above, the U.S. military will be moving to free itself from the confines of earth-based routers.

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