Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More housekeeping

Here's another list of pages that I'm grouping into a list and placing on a page in the form of links so I may have easy access to them later. A number of these pages deal with the primary topic of this blog, which is SSD and SSI. And they do that in several ways, by answering fairly general and also fairly specific questions about obtaining benefits, and by addressing certain policy aspects of these programs as they are managed by the social security administration. However, a number of these postings also have nothing to do with any of that.

One of the pages on this list I am particularly fond of. It's about a woman whose words still live online but who is no longer among us. In her own postings, she speaks of her role as a caretaker for her mother with alzheimer's. Here' that post listed upfront. And, of course, its always possible that some of the others on this list may be of interest and use as well.

Sometimes the pages outlast us

And here's the rest---

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