Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A list of lists

Lately, I've been making lists of older posts from this blog so, at a later point in time, I can readily access them. How you ask? By making the lists and then making a list of lists. And that's what this page will be: the list of lists.

However, while I'm here, there's a fair amount of interesting news going on and since I haven't blogged in a while on a regular basis, I thought I'd cover some of it.

CBS News Fires Producer for Plagiarism

This is definitely an embarassment (you know, I'm not a hundred percent sure I've spelled that right) for Couric, but it seems to beg several questions. 1. Was the fired news producer a scapegoat and 2. Doesn't the anchor of a program bear some responsibility for what happens on his/her newscast? And, of course, there is that third question which is 3. Does Couric write any of her own copy?

This is one vote Edwards never had

Edwards certainly doesn't need this story, particularly when his campaign for the democratic nomination isn't looking particularly strong and he's been recently criticized over the size and energy usage of his mansion.

Right or wrong, the points cited by Monty Johnson (the neighbor and individual vilified by Mrs. Edwards) will strike a chord. And those are: 1. How can Edwards stand for the middle and lower middle class when he lives in the opulent residence that he does and 2. How can Edwards present himself as a man of the people when his spouse is slandering a neighbor whose status and resources are obviously way below that of the Edward's family.

Such arguments are a bit empty, of course. You don't necessarily have to be a "man of the people" to represent the people (Just look at Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He came from solid patrician stock, but without a doubt represented the interests of the American people at one of the most difficult times in U.S. history).

But the statements made by Mrs. Edwards about a neighbor who resides in a humble singlewide mobilehome next to their $6 million, 29,000-square-foot estate... don't really help things much for the Edwards campaign.

And now (drumroll please), those lists:

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