Sunday, April 08, 2007

Can Social Security Disability take as long as three years ?

I've posted many times on this blog and on disability secrets about the fact that social security disability and SSI disability claims can take up to three years. And the reason for this, if you haven't read any of those prior pages, is that---

1. An initial application for disability can take, on average, about four months (but can take up to a year in some cases).

2. A first appeal (called a reconsideration in most states and a review in some others) can take about four months (but also as long as a year in extreme cases).


3. A social security disability hearing can take as long as two years to get to after a hearing request has been submitted (and you are only permitted to request such a hearing after your reconsideration or review has been denied by the social security administration).

Here's a post from an individual who, as of january, has had to endure three years in the process.

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