Monday, March 26, 2007

Social Security Administration Budget

It's pretty obvious that the ability of the social security administration to adequately serve retirees and individuals with disabilities is budget-based. This is particularly true with regard to the management of the agency's disability programs (social security disability and SSI disability). Simply throw in enough budgeting dollars to allow for the modest ability to hire a new social security worker for every one that quits or retires and you can do something significant to retain the operating integrity of the system.

Of course, this wouldn't be a total fix and would only be a modest goal if you consider the fact that the agency really needs to grow in staffing strength to account for A. a growing U.S. population and B. a greying population that will provide more retirees and more disability applicants (as people get older, they become more subject to disabling injuries and illnesses, something we all know but the federal government doesn't).

However, is even this modest goal being attempted by the new majority in Congress? According to the article linked below, that doesn't see to be the case. The resolution put forward by Congress and signed by the President still falls two hundred million dollars short of the President's original budget request. This is actually quite amazing, the fact that a democrat-controlled congress would deliver a social security administration budget that falls approximately 200 million below what a republican President requested.

So, can we successfully make the argument that one party or another is more attuned to this issue, the issue of backlogs and disability claimants going bankrupt while they wait on their claims. Not based on news like this.

Who's your friend, who's your buddy?

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