Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Never trust the social security office on a disability case

I've said this many times on ---- when you send something in to the social security office make sure you follow up on it. This is particularly true when it comes to sending in appeal paperwork.

If you ever send in a request for a reconsideration or review, or send in a request for a disability hearing, don't just assume that the social security office received your paperwork and "did the follow through". Because months may get a nasty surprise when you call to check the status and someone tells you that they never got it.

Here's what you should do in most cases when it comes submitting a social security disability appeal (or ssi appeal, as the case may be):

1. Send in the appeal promptly, as in the same week that you receive a disability claim denial. They give you sixty days to do this, but don't wait.

2. Make copies of everything you submit.

3. Make a followup call after you send in your appeal. When should you do this? Mail in the social security system can move pretty slow, so you may want to wait two weeks and then do your followup call. But make the call. And if they say they didn't receive, call again the following week. And if they still say they haven't received it, make copies of the copies you kept, and send those in. And, yes, at some point, call again.

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