Friday, February 16, 2007

Social Security Office Manager testifies before Congress

I have been blogging about this for over a year. The social security administration's problems are largely a personnel staffing problem. Well, finally, Congress is actually hearing about these issues from individuals in the field.

Rick Warsinskey, who manages the downtown Cleveland, Ohio social security office, testified before the subcommittee on social security and said "Last year field offices could only fill one out of eight vacant positions".

As I've mentioned many times on this blog before, my own spouse is a field office claims rep (and a former disability examiner like myself) and in her own office, none of the recent retirees have been replaced. Instead, their workload has simply been redistributed.

And that kind of approach to staffing for what is arguably one of the most important federal agencies is a recipe for disaster---one that's been cooking for a long time and is well overdone.

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