Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Statistics on Social Security Disability SSI Backlogs

At the bottom of this post is a link to an article appearing in the online version of The Charlotte Observer.

Here are a couple of noteworthy statistics:

1. Since 2002, the number of cases backlogged at the disability hearing level grew from 468,000 to 730,000.

2. The average wait, nationwide, for a disability hearing after such a hearing had been requested, was 496 days.

And here's an interesting excerpt from the article:

"[Social Security Administration] Officials promise reforms, such as switching from paper to computerized record keeping and bolstering training for social workers who aid homeless applicants."

Hmmm. Only thing is...measures like this will have no appreciable effect on cutting social security disability and ssi backlogs or even reducing their growth. At this point, there's only one solution for that: A. more budget dollars to B. hire more staff to C. move more cases D. much faster.

Of course, none of this is likely to happen.

Disabled mired in backlog for aid

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