Sunday, January 14, 2007

SSI Claim for Disability Benefits

Recently, I was asked several questions by an individual who was thinking of filing for disability benefits; however, the question that stood out in my mind was this: Should I file an SSI claim for disability benefits or should I file a claim for social security disability benefits?

Here's the easiest way to answer this question and this is pretty much the way I answered my questioner. If you need to contact the social security administration (usually by calling a local office) to start a disability claim, simply do so. The actual category your disability application will be taken in (in other words, an application for social security disability or an application for SSI) will be determination by the claims representative who actually takes your application and conducts your interview.

What determines whether or not your disability benefit application will be for SSD (social security disability) or SSI? Your work history will determine this. In other words, if you have sufficiently paid into "the system" to gain coverage for social security benefits, then you will have an application for social security disability. If this is not the case, a disability application can still be taken in the SSI program (assuming your family income and assets do not exceed certain limits that relate to the SSI program.

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