Sunday, January 21, 2007

I might want to read his biography: Larry King

I'll be honest. I've never had much of an interest in Larry King or his show and can't really recall ever watching more than a few minutes of his program, if even that much. A while back, however, I began to find Mr. King a bit more interesting after reading an article that stated that the "king of talk" had, up to that point, never used the internet. On reading this, I was stunned. An individual who interviews celebrities, cultural elites, movers and shakers...had never used the internet. Amazing. To me, that seemed analogous to an amish person working at radio shack.

Well, I found another article about Larry King and this one is just as interesting for the information that it provides regarding his background. Apparently, the talk show host has, in the past, had problems with bills, bad checks, and visits from the IRS. However, the most amazing part of his story is how he got his first break in the business.

Larry King - from rags to riches

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