Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hall comments on Social Security's "grand plan" syndrome

I strongly recommend this particular post, written by attorney Charles Hall on his Social Security News Blog (linked below). Here are a few lines from Mr. Hall's post that I would like to comment on myself:

"There has been enough implementation of EDIB that it is already clear that it will yield only modest productivity gains at Social Security, at best."

Yes, and this should have been obvious to SSA management, as it's been fairly obvious to field office staff for quite some time.

""Re-engineering", HPI, EDIB and DSI had a huge impact upon Congress' view of Social Security."

These grand plans were, and are, campaigns of smoke and mirrors developed by notch-etching, resume-building, short-term bureaucrats and willingly swallowed by politicians who refuse to see a simple truth, which is this: it all comes down to funding and how many warm bodies you staff at social security and the state agencies that adjudicate claims (for the most part, known as DDS, or disability determination services). It's that simple. Unfortunately, accepting this viewpoint brings with it certain budgetary responsibilities.

"The result of relying upon re-organization instead of budget has been backlogs that can be easily measured and reductions in quality of work produced that are not so easily measured."

Without a doubt, this is the case. And the continuing refusal to acknowledge SSA-related budget realities is breeding a personnel situation within the many field offices that, IMHO, will, within five years, become untenable.

I encourage you to read Mr. Hall's post in full.

Modeling and SSA -- An End To "Grand Plans"

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