Saturday, January 06, 2007

Fat Cells, what are they good for? Fighting cancer!

There's a saying. Actually, its one of my own (though others may also have said it, how would I know?) and it goes like this: if heart disease doesn't get you, cancer will.

No doubt, this is an uplifting thought for anyone older than forty (I've learned on my own that 40 is that magic number and pivotal point in life where we truly begin to realize "hey, this is gonna end sometime, and maybe a lot sooner than I thought"). Certainly, it has been an uplifting one for me since the thought of oneday spending "personal time" in an oncology ward gives me the willies.

But thank goodness for the advance of medical science and technology. Scientists at Duke University have discovered a method of utilizing fat cells to "smartly" deliver chemotherapy drugs. Instead of pumping such drugs throughout the body, these fat cells actually target cancer cells directly, delivering 30 times as much chemotherapy medication as traditional chemo. The analogy would be old-fashioned aerial bombardment versus laser-guided smart bombs.

Hopefully, this research at Duke will payoff and result in life-saving benefits for future cancer patients.

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