Thursday, December 21, 2006

Warning : New variation of a Paypal Scam

There's nothing new about paypal scams. You get an email in your email box and it tells you some gibberish about needing to login to your account for some bogus reason. Of course, the page you go to looks just like paypal, but it's just a copy hosted at some other website and the intent is to gain your password information so they can empty your account. TIP: alwasy check the address bar to make sure that it says and not something else.

I just got a paypal scam letter in the mail. This one is a little different, though. The subject line says "dispute transaction" and the text of the email goes like this:

Dear PayPal Member,

This email confirms that you have paid MADEUPBOGUS NAME (SALES@MADEUPBOGUSNAME.COM) $474.99 USD using PayPal.

The rest of the email tells you to login to paypal if you wish to dispute this. Then, as I said, you are taken to a site that looks exactly like paypal.

What do you do when you get one of these bogus things.

1. Remember that paypal never sends these things out.

2. If you are curious enough to click the link and see where it goes (the page will look just like paypal), note the address in the address bar. It WON'T say paypal.

3. Under no circumstances should you fill in your user or password information.

4. Forward the email to paypal so the scammer/thief/predator/slimy creep can be prosecuted. Do this by forwarding the email to

I do #4 quite a bit and I take extreme pleasure in it every time. I despise these maggots that prey on people, particularly the elderly.

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