Saturday, December 23, 2006

Social Security Disability Benefits and Stolen Identity

"Having their identities stolen has affected the victims' ability to receive disability benefits, apply for loans and many heard from the Internal Revenue Service which said they failed to claim earnings for tax purposes."

The excerpt above is taken from an article that discusses the Swift & Co. meatpacking plant where a raid on illegal aliens was conducted. Notice I did not use the misleading and euphemistic terms "immigrants", "undocumented workers", or even "illegal immigrants". Illegal aliens was the original phrase and should still be the phrase applied to individuals who illegally enter the country, steal social security numbers of American citizens and then, through the use of these social security numbers 1. ruin the credit reports of citizens, 2. impair the ability of citizens to receive disability benefits, 3. impair the ability of citizens to rent housing, 4. impair the ability of citizens to buy cars, 5. etc, 6.yadda, 7. yadda.

Amazingly, the U.S. media tend to focus primarily on the "plight of illegals", while focusing very little on the fact that U.S. communities that are being hit with surges in illegal immigration are seeing property taxes shoot through the roof (illegals highly utilize social services, hospitals, and schools --- in my own part of North Carolina, the issue has forced local government to go about a billion dollars in debt via bond issuances). Higher property taxes, of course, tend to fall heavily on the elderly who own their homes and live on meager incomes. They certainly don't need higher taxes when they're simply trying to make ends meet from month to month and are literally having to choose between affording medications and taking care of other necessities. Not quite fair to them is it that the U.S. government practically refuses to deal with the issue?

So, who's to blame? Illegal aliens? Well, they're violating U.S. law and causing legitimate problems for U.S. citizens, but they're doing it to pursue a better life for themselves and their families and that's understandable. Here are the real criminals as far as I'm concerned.

1. U.S. politicians (including senators, congressman, and the white house) who would rather pander for votes but do nothing to actually fix the issue (i.e. vote to build a fence but not fund it)

2. The Mexican government which would rather push its poverty problems onto the backs of the American middle class (who lose jobs to illegals and are hit with higher taxes) than deal with these issues. Its much easier to export your problems than deal with them, which is why the President of Mexico always looks like he's going to have a coronary when U.S. politicians mention enlarging the border patrol or building a fence-----not being able to send the poor out of mexico inevitably means political instability. That's a no-brainer. Having tons of unhappy, unemployed people milling about is a recipe for social unrest and political upheaval. But whose problem is this? The mexican government's or the american middle class.

3. Private business. And by this I mean ever contractor and every business operator who hires illegals. They do it because they say they can't find americans who are willing to do the work. But that's a lie. Recently, a raid on illegals was conducted and the following day the business that was raided advertised for workers to replace the ones that were carted off by immigration authorities. Guess what? They had no problem finding Americans who were willing to apply for these jobs. They came in droves. Americans won't do the jobs that illegals do? That is complete bullshit. Americans aren't being permitted to do these jobs because corrupt businessman would rather hire workers that can be exploited in these ways:

A. They can pay them less.

B. They can abrogate their benefits or not even give them benefits.

C. They can expose them to unsafe working conditions with less fear of sanction.

and, oh yes,

D. They can pay them less.

Unfortunately, small business operators are the gas in the engine of illegal immigration. They hire illegal aliens to essentially save a buck or two and this has the effect of depriving Americans of jobs. Are illegals only doing jobs that americans won't do? Of course not. Are business operators passing on the savings in lower labor costs to american citizens in the form of lower costs for products and services? Not as far as I can see. They're simply lining their own pockets and buying bigger houses and cars.

What's really happening here is: there's a war on the middle class in America that has really gotten into full swing under the current administration and Congress, neither of which have much connection to the middle class.

Link to the article: Authorities said hundreds of U.S. citizens may have had their identities stolen.

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