Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A disability claim tip: Never never never call the social security 1-800 number

For many years I have advised people not to call the social security administration's 1-800 toll free line. Why? Because I have personally been involved in several situations where claimants have been misinformed by personnel at that number. Here's a good example of how it would go. I would get a call from an angry social security disability or ssi claimant who said that their appeal had not been submitted. I would ask them why they thought that was the case. Every time, they would tell me that they had called the 1-800 number and had been told that a disability appeal had never been filed by their attorney. And everytime I would investigate the situation and learn that, yes, an appeal had been filed by the disability attorney and the appeal had been filed in a timely manner.

In these situations, the claimant would get angry not once but twice. They would get angry when someone at the toll free line told them that their appeal had never been filed and then they would get even more angry when I advised them that they had been misinformed by the call center. Usually, they would ask me what good it was to call the social security administration 1-800 number. And my answer was, and still is, never call the 1-800 number.

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