Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Selling or buying a computer on Ebay

I just a bought a laptop from a seller on ebay. Would I generally advise someone to do this? I'm not sure I would wholehearterdly do so because of the risks. In my case, I wanted a particular type of laptop: the compaq presario m2000---it has a fanatastic keyboard that is very smooth for little stress on the fingers (anyone who types all day long will know how important this aspect of a keyboard is). Additionally, this is one of the last compaq models produced without a widescreen (widescreen is great for viewing letter box movies but I actually want to use a laptop for work versus entertainment and for regular purposes widescreens are not too friendly on the eyes).

Anyway, I'm going off on more than one tangent. What I wanted to say was this. To buyers of laptops online, make sure you have that laptop "cleaned" as soon as you get it. And this means removing unwanted programs, unwanted temp files, and unwanted "pics" that the prior owner may have left on the machine. Because in the process of cleaning my own ebay purchase I found some shockers that I was quick to remove and would have been embarassed had someone else come across them. To sellers---CLEAN your laptop of personal pictures and text documents please before you let it pass into someone else's hands. Good grief.

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